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Are you a body corporate owner? It’s important to know that you may be responsible for maintenance and repairs, according to Australian laws. Failing to repair common property puts you at risk for liability to individual lot owners and paying substantial damages: “An owner may be liable if they do not maintain their lot and this causes damage to another lot or common property.” (Queensland Government website)

Since there is no such thing as a property taking care of itself, you’ll need to find a sure way to keep the place neat and tidy.

Paint Specialists gold coast

Many body corporate owners focus on doing repairs inside the building and neglect its exterior because some cracked paint doesn’t have an immediate impact on inhabitants’ comfort. However, not taking care of your exterior walls and roof leads to the slow deterioration of the building and in the end you’ll spend more money on repairs. Body corporate are required to take care of the entire building infrastructure, from pipes and wires to gutters and watercourses. Besides ensuring the building’s structural integrity, you are also obliged to take care of its exterior aesthetics.

Moreover, in case you want to sell your property, you can’t make a good impression on potential buyers if the building doesn’t seem looked after. Properly maintaining your roof and the exterior paint adds value to your property and can help you close a more profitable deal!

Acting promptly in case of any damage, no matter how small, allows you to avoid liability and eventually acquire more revenue.