Exterior Repaints Gold Coast

Does your property’s exterior walls covered with old chipping and peeling paint? It’s no wonder you don’t feel welcome when you come home and your property’s value has dropped. It’s something usual for most people to judge a book by its covers…

So, how can you make your home look as good as new again?

The solution is repainting its exterior!

The average life span of exterior paint is around 5 years. Several years after the last painting job, your home is not protected anymore against elements, rot, and blistering. The more you postpone repairs, the more damage your property will suffer.

Interior & Exterior Painting in Gold Coast

Exterior repaint is not something worth doing by yourself. The operation is quite complex and includes multiple steps: scraping, sanding, priming, applying over spray protection, painting, and cleaning the site.

By calling to our exterior repaint services, you enjoy 100% clean-up after job completion and the following benefits:

  • Free colour consultation – the exterior colour should match the interior of your home, the woodwork, and the surrounding landscape
  • Increasing property value – the first impression is very important if you want to sell your house
  • Feeling welcome when you come home – you will feel as if you owned a new property!
  • Preventing damage to walls (damage to structural material caused by sunlight and weather is reduced significantly)
  • Reducing costs – regular maintenance costs less than doing major repairs



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