Roof Insurance

Has your roof been affected by a natural disaster or you just need to perform a minor repair because of a misguided firecracker?

If the damage is covered by insurance, you can count on us for roof restoration.

You don’t need to see visible damage – get an inspection of the roof and if you have homeowner’s insurance, the burden of supporting roof repairs will not fall just on your shoulders. As a trusted roofing contractor we assist you with the roof insurance claims process so you make sure the insurance cover the cost of the roof restoration to the largest possible extent.

You should also know that the age and condition of the roof may affect insurance coverage. For instance, if your roof has exceeded its warranty period, you may not be offered full reimbursement and instead be granted the value of the depreciated roof. This is why you need to maintain your roof constantly instead of waiting until an unexpected event causes damage to it so you have it repaired on insurance.

Whether you want to make sure your roof work is in warranty or you need insurance repair, we can assist you and deliver the best results. We use quality materials and our team of tradesmen are fully qualified and experienced. We are the professional roofing contractor that will help you get your property back into shape in no time!