Roof Restoration Gold Coast

How do you know you need roof restoration services?

  • Your roof is leaking whenever it rains
  • The roof is unsightly and ruins your home’s aspect
  • You need to make constant repairs and are tired of the noise and waste of time
  • You want to sell your property but potential buyers are put off by the poorly maintained roof

Kane Roof Restorations & Repaints is a well-established business on the Gold Coast with more than 15 years industry experience. We complete roof restorations and repaints through our team of trade qualified, insured, and licensed tradesmen. All workmanship is guaranteed for 10 years and we use quality materials.

We take care of every aspect of roof restoration; the steps we complete, depending on your roof’s condition, include roof inspection, recommending course of action, cleaning, joining loose tiles, replacing damaged tiles, applying anti-fungal protection, and stabilizing the roof surface with roof membrane coating.

roof restoration gold coast roof restoration gold coast roof restoration gold coast

roof restoration gold coast roof restoration gold coast

Roof Protect Professional Painters

Call our roof restoration services and you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Save money – roof restoration is less expensive than complete roof replacement
  • Prolonging you roof’s life with at least another 10 years
  • Reducing energy costs by decreasing the amount of heat transmitted into the building
  • Eliminating tear-off waste that aggravates pollution
  • Not needing to evacuate the building because roof restoration is friendly with house inhabitants. This is particularly important when the property hosts your business – you can continue to receive customers and have employees coming to work